Wizards who Transform Code into Magic

As Master Code Conjurers, we bring your digital dreams to life. From ideas to realities, we weave our magic. Just provide us with the ingredients - your visions, your goals, and your needs - and watch as we brew your unique potion of success.


The tale of the Wizards

Nerds.cooking is a clan of Wizard Developers with over a decade of experience in the enchanted world of coding. Our lair is based in Manchester, UK from where we cast our spells of code for clients.

"Your aspiration, our wizardry - a perfect brew"

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  • Battle Scars
    ( 480 AD - 540 AD )

    Over the years, we've weathered storms and braved battles while building our own projects. We've been bumped by rogue developers and tackled unforeseen project hurdles. But each battle scar only refined our strategies and reinforced our resilience. These experiences taught us to safeguard our projects and ensure our clients are fortified with security measures.

  • Alliances
    ( 512 AD - 662 AD )

    Our journey has been marked by forging powerful alliances. We've carefully assembled a loyal fellowship of skilled contractors and cultivated an internal team of proficient wizards, each with their unique magic. With a strong network in place, we can confidently confront any digital challenge thrown our way.

  • Magic Forged in Fire
    ( 586 AD - 725 AD )

    Every twist and turn in our path has fueled our magic. From grappling with scams to celebrating victories, every experience has been a lesson, a spark that ignited innovation and creativity. Our magic, honed in the crucible of real-world challenges, ensures we deliver powerful, practical solutions.

  • Our Coven's Promise
    ( 499 AD - 725 AD )

    We pledge to not just understand but anticipate your needs. We've walked in your shoes, faced the dragons you face. We know the frustration of unmet expectations, and we've made it our mission to exceed them. We stand by our commitment to deliver results that are not just satisfactory, but truly magical.

  • Crystal Visions
    ( 575 AD - 725 AD )

    Through the crystal ball of experience and insights, we've developed an acute sense of foresight. We recognise what you need, often before you do, translating these predictions into digital solutions that stand the test of time. Our vision extends to future technologies, ensuring we're always one step ahead, ready to harness the next big thing for you.

  • Potion Recipes Perfected
    ( 569 AD - 629 AD )

    Our recipe for success isn't locked away in a mysterious grimoire. It's a tried-and-tested process, developed through years of refining and perfecting. We take your vision, brew it with our creativity, fortify it with robust technology, and sprinkle it with user-friendly designs. The result? A digital potion that hits the mark, every time.


Featured Projects


Potion Lab

Our wizards are not only skilled in spells but also in brewing digital potions that solve your every need. Be it website development, app design, or web3 solutions, explore our wide array of potions here.

  • Elixir of Creation

    Brewed with the potent mixture of our tech stack, including React, Node.js, and TypeScript, this elixir brings your most complex ideas to life.

  • Citadel Complex

    We conjure up solid fortifications for your digital realm. From validators to cloud infrastructure, our in-house developed practices ensure that your digital castle stands firm.

  • Eth Enhancements

    With a solid 5 years of experience, we've mastered the art of crafting intricate smart contracts. From the simplest to the most complex, your smart contracts are safe in our magical hands.

  • Blueprint of Brilliance

    Our team works with you to brief designers, ensuring your visions are crafted into feasible and functional masterpieces, rather than mere 'cool' visuals. Trust us to bridge the gap between the aesthetically pleasing and the practically brilliant.


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